Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Hi and welcome everyone,

Back during the last two weeks of January I started working on a port of Quake for the Nintendo DS. Progress was slow at first because a lot of the code had to be reworked and from the inherent hardware limitations of the DS. However in the two weeks I worked on it I did get pretty far and it is playable. Unfortunately I have quite a bit on my plate and I had all of the intensions of getting back to work on DSQuake but I haven't yet and it has been sitting on my computer for months now.

So what is working? Well it’s playable like I said with decent frame rates 20-30fps. No sound and no net code yet. No textures yet either but I did manage to color the triangles appropriately by peeking into the textures and using that for a temporary basis. Also the controls are basically the same as the Metroid Prime Hunters game for the DS.

For the curious and the silly skeptics here is a video for of me playing E1M1:

Initially I had wanted to finish the entire port my self and post it for everyone to play but today I changed my mind because the project is simply not progressing at the rate I wanted. So in the interest of playing one of the greatest games ever made on one of the greatest consoles ever made I'm looking for a few clever programmers to help the cause.

So if you have an intimate knowledge of the Quake engine and/or know how to program graphics, sound or net code for the Nintendo DS and you want to help out Email me at DSQuake@gmail.com . Sorry I’m not looking for amateurs as this project will take experienced people.



At 12:42 AM, Blogger Foot said...

Hi mate,

Love you work! Just thinking that if all is implemented you would struggle to get a high frame rate. Anyway, i would offer my services however my knowledge of the quake engine is zero. Good luck for you hunt.

At 1:13 AM, Blogger DSQuake said...

Actually I think the game would speed up, there are alot of optimizations that could me made. Also, the DS has two processors, the arm9 and the arm7, currently I'm only using the arm9. The arm7 would take the burden off of the main cpu for the sound, and maybe the wifi. :)

At 11:09 AM, Blogger penpvdbs said...

Hi DSquake!

well done, I though let's post a nice comment. Unfortunately I haven't got any knowledge of the quake engine porting.

However, I would like to give you support by saying: carry on :D you've come a long way! Furthermore,perhaps I can help you getting experienced coders for your DSquake port :D maybe there are interested guys at my f2au forum(which has 392 users).
I can send them your search in a good porter and perhaps you will find one.. the f2au community is willing to help and to spread the news!

Best regards,

penpvdbs @ home.nl

From: www.drunkencoders.com

At 3:40 AM, Blogger odea said...

my dream will comes true \o/
Thanks for the port, and good luck!
I hope talented peoples will help you for the rest (specially sound and wifi..).
I would be very happy to play Quake online with my DS anywhere!
btw is it possible to straff jump and bunny jump :)

At 3:56 AM, Blogger odea said...

2 remarks:
1) is it possible to port the quakeworld client insteed of the classic quake client, it will be easier to play online on a quakeworld server
2) textures are useless ...specially for online gaming :) if you are limited with the ds hardware, I would personaly prefere sounds(not music)/wifi to textures

Thanks for the good job!

At 4:44 AM, Blogger DSQuake said...

This is a port of Quake to the truest sense so strafe jumping and bunny jumping are possible. Also, loading game mods would also be possible because it is the actual game engine with the Quake virtual machine included.

As for the Quakeworld stuff I don't know. I wouldn't imagine much has changed other than netcode. I think it could be possible to merge the netcode into DSQuake. But like I said I don't know, I haven't looked at the QuakeWorld source.

At 12:35 AM, Blogger MarineRevenge said...

Hey just wanted to ask a few things. 1 Why not bring this up to Id Software, i think they could pay you. (and handsomely might i add) And then youd have professionals and the team that knows Quake better than anyone else in the world, plus you could mass produce DS chips and so on so forth. 2 If you cant hook up with Id Or activision then how are we supposed to get this game? even after you finish it, you wount be able to sell it or anything. Or atleast i dont think so. But anyways, just lemme know when you get the chance, and keep up the good work!

At 1:16 PM, Blogger spidercrunch said...

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